Our Approach

Research & Study















Market study (products, compensation plan, advantages and start-up conditions for distributors) : How to get an edge?

Study of existing strengths (Sales & Recruiting stats, history of promotions & challenges, compensation plan, distributors advantages, attractiveness of opportunity)

Set-up or improvement of compensation plan and other conditions for distributors, recommendations on product offering, marketing plan and marketing of the opportunity.

Creation or localization of marketing collaterals. Assistance in selecting and setting-up local IT resources. Creating or localizing legal documents and processes.

Organization of events for recruiting, training, recognition and motivation. Using our direct-sales targeted database of 7000 people. Leaders & Executive coaching.


Our consultants are recognized experts of Direct Sales in Europe.

They have a successful track-record of leading and growing networks of distributors, training and general management.

UnJourUneVente Consulting help you save time and money, whether you are launching or already established in Europe.